Our King

We love our cats. Something that we believe it’s rare is that our king “Thor” is very attached to us. He always seeks our presence and enjoys the time we pet him. We feel lucky by having him around us all the time. He is from Dizhin Sinegazy Angel Bloodline.

link for Thor pedigree https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1364911&g=6&p=sib&date=iso&o=ajgrep

NameThor Snezhniy Bars
Date of Birth11/16/ 5 2017
Breed TypeSiberian (Nevsky masquerade)
ColorSeal silver tabby with wihte
FeaturesPowerful body with excellent coat
PersonalitySmart and friendly with any one he meets
Generation7 Generation TICA and WCF Pedigree
Quality Relative to ( Dzhin Sineglaziy Angel) the actor in Movie  Nine Lives in 2016.
Genetic diseases test

Thor has traveled to Poland, but we have five beautiful queens from him to breed


  • Smart

  • Healthy

  • Friendly

  • Loves company

Our King

We love our cats. Something that we believe it’s rare is that our king “Pushkin” is very attached to us. He always seek our presence and enjoy the time we pet him. We feel lucky by having him around us all the time.

Felv- Fiv test

Genetic diseases test
Date of Birth01/05/2015
Breed TypeSiberian (Nevsky masquerade)
Colordark seal point
Generation5Generation TICA and WCF Pedigree


  • Smart

  • Healthy

  • Friendly

  • Loves company

World Cat Federation

Before start investing in our Cattery, we made sure to search and look for the most pure Siberian kitten in the world! We have done extensive researches, time and effort to bring the right cat to our home. Eventually, we found our king and we made sure that he is registered with at least 3 generations from one of the most renowned organizations in the world “WCF”.

WCF has more than 370 single organizations, distributed worldwide, also in the United States. WCF is an internationally operating federation, officially registered in the registration court in Germany. WCF participates  in the consultations of the European parliament in Strasbourg, it is co-
responsible in the development of animal protection laws by working in the corresponding working groups installed by the legislative organs and participating in parliamentarian hearings.

Source: http://www.wcf-online.de

WCF Features

  • International registration of cattery names

  • Education, training and examination of international judges

  • Standardization of the various cat breeds

  • Care for international connections

PUSHKIN WCF Birth Certificate

The International Cat Association

Virginia Kittens is a member of TICA. We are proud to adhere to all the disciplines and regulations of TICA.

The International Cat Association (TICA) is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, the largest registry of household pet cats and kittens. TICA was the first and now the world’s largest-registry to allow household cats of unknown ancestry to compete for the same titles and awards as pedigreed cats. The responsible breeding of pedigreed cats preserves the distinct characteristics of individual pedigreed breeds and ensures the continuation of predictable physical and behavioral traits for future generations.

The International Cat Association headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, administers the rules for the licensing and management of hundreds of cat shows annually across the globe and in 104 countries. TICA and its members work together to promote the preservation of pedigreed cats and the health and welfare of ALL domestic cats through education, responsible cat ownership and proper care to the owners of millions of cats worldwide. TICA currently recognizes 71 breeds of cats from the ancient Abyssinian to the newer breeds like the Lykoi cat, and including wild looking Chausie and Bengals.

Source: http://www.tica.org

TICA Features

  • Right to vote

  • Right to belong to a breed section of choice

  • Complimentary subscription to the TICA Trend

  • Allows our cat(s) to earn points at TICA shows for titles, Regional and International awards

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