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This is a waiting list process. The Kitten is not yet born but to the best of our forecast ability we do believe that the kittens will be born healthy. The waiting list process is $25  We have decided to include this waiting list since we have noticed a high demand on our kittens but

Things You Need to Know

What to Know About Adopting a Cat? Every cat, even the wildest of them, deserves to be in a home. Cats are perfect pets in home settings and can be the defining factor in making your house a home. Having a warm ball of feline goodness to cuddle or curl up to can give you

Being a Cat Owner

7 Exciting Benefits of Being a Cat Owner   If you are looking for reasons to convince you to join the ever growing army of cat owners, then you are in the right place. Beyond looking absolutely cute in your hands, there are other amazing benefits of being a cat owner. From environmental concerns to

Feeding Your Cat

6 Tips To Improve Your Cat’s Feeding Time Experience Cats are very wonderful creatures with very distinct peculiarities that can leave you puzzled. When it comes to food, having a cat that is incredibly picky about food choices can leave you very frustrated. You begin to question yourself when you can’t seem to find something

Cats and Allergies

Cats are sensitive beings and can have allergies.  As soft and cuddly as they are, they are sometimes prone to unpleasant reactions as a result of heightened sensitivity of the immune system to certain substances called allergens. An interesting thing about these allergens is that just your pets react to it while you remain unaffected.

Understand Your Cat

Your cat wants flow freely with you just as much as you desire to understand it. Yet it is so interesting that your cat can cuddle up to be one minute and then want to be left alone the next. The languages of a cat are as broad as its nine lives but easy to