What to Know About Adopting a Cat?

Every cat, even the wildest of them, deserves to be in a home. Cats are perfect pets in home settings and can be the defining factor in making your house a home. Having a warm ball of feline goodness to cuddle or curl up to can give you one more reason to be home.

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes render a cat homeless but just like we have second chances in life; adopting a cat gives it another shot at having a home to live in and you the privilege of enjoying the amazing benefits that come with owning a cat.

But just before you take that bold step, we’ll explore certain things you need to know about adopting a cat:

A home to come to: it takes more than the four walls of a house or a large expanse of play ground for a cat to feel at home. If your housing situation is already cat-friendly, this is good. If not, you need to ensure it is because unfriendly situations like this are part of the reasons why many cats have been rendered homeless. A cat friendly home also needs to certain things in place: litter boxes, cat toys and scratchers located in living areas. Certain things will need to be taken out of place such as picture frames, artworks and treasures that can be knocked off or broken easily. Have a disaster kit handy too

Cats need you: cats do not generally require much of maintenance asides the regular food, water, clean litter box and general grooming. That’s alright if you want an average cat. To get the best of your cat and eliminate unnecessary problems that crop up in abandoned cats, you will need to spend some time interacting with your feline pet regularly. Cats are intelligent and will enjoy physical and mental stimulation; cuddles and games either with you or other members of the family. Even time spent doing daily cat chores will count. Having more than one cat provides a bonding situation for cats but cannot take your place

The right breed: there’s no perfect breed but there will always be a breed just right for you and your home. You can choose a breed based on its features, peculiarities and the needs of your family. For example, the Siberian breed of cats is known for being creative, affectionate and intelligent. Its massive warmth of love is wrapped up in a coat that comes in different colours and is water resistant. Siberian cats are athletic and agile and fun to be with especially as they have a penchant for dog-like traits such as playing fetch. They get along with children and other pets and a suitable choice for those with allergies. Once you decide on the breed that suits you, making a choice on which cat to adopt is one step easier.

Every question is important: you can never go wrong with adequate information. If there is anything you need to know or clarity you want provided, just ask and the adoption agency will be glad to provide answers. Before you finally take your cat home, find out if it’s been tagged; which vaccinations it has had and the ones it still needs to have; allergies and peculiarities. Once you’re armed with all the information you need, you are good to go.

Enjoy the many blessings that come with cats as you adopt a cat today!