6 Tips To Improve Your Cat’s Feeding Time Experience

Cats are very wonderful creatures with very distinct peculiarities that can leave you puzzled. When it comes to food, having a cat that is incredibly picky about food choices can leave you very frustrated.

You begin to question yourself when you can’t seem to find something that works. The first thing to do is to consult your veterinarian in order to rule out any possibilities of sickness or infection.

With this out of the way, you can redefine feeding time for your cat by putting our exciting tips and tricks to work.


When it comes to your cat, the setup is as important as the choice of food itself. Some cats begin to avoid their bowl because of a change in the environment where the food is being served.

They may not react well to sharp changes like switching to a new bowl or a changed feeding station. If you have done this, try reverting to the status quo and see how well it works out.


For an owner of multiple cats, a common reason why your cat avoids food is simply because it wants a bowl to itself.

Giving each cat a distinct bowl avoids any confusion and keeps these very territorial beauties happy.


To force your hand into feeding less healthy choices, your cat might refuse to eat. As a result, you get worried and continuously give in to their demands.

To combat this, stop feeding your cat at random times and establish a set routine for meals. This lapse between meal times creates a buildup of hunger and makes your cat less inclined to reject what you put in its bowl.

This way, you can break a picky eater out of its habit and stop your cat from always forcing your hand.


Cats love their snacks! Your cat is absolutely in love with dry food and would seek it out, once it can smell it.

Hide treats out of the way so your cat doesn’t hold you to ransom because it knows of the pleasures that await.

Play together

If you cat seems less concerned about eating, you can ease it into feed time with some moments of fun. A little tossing around right before feed time allows your cat to work up an appetite.

This way, it can’t wait to devour whatever you put into its bowl.

 Keep it moderate

Most cat owners feel that their cats are big and healthy while in actual fact, they are almost obese. The goal is for your cat to maintain an ideal body condition instead of being overweight.

Use feeding instructions to guide how much you feed your cat and ensure to keep the size of portions consistent with each feeding.   Also consult your vet so you can get a clear idea of how much is too much.

After you establish a limit, avoid overfeeding by friends and relatives who would be eager to give your cat a few extras here and there while they eat.


Helping your cat eat better takes time and patience. It won’t be long before it purrs in delight every time it hears the sound of its bowl