7 Exciting Benefits of Being a Cat Owner


If you are looking for reasons to convince you to join the ever growing army of cat owners, then you are in the right place.

Beyond looking absolutely cute in your hands, there are other amazing benefits of being a cat owner. From environmental concerns to your health and social life, the cat effect just never stops.

We explore seven unique benefits as we look forward to welcoming you to the exclusive club of the feline friendly.

Less stress

Stress at work and indeed your daily commute can leave you feeling much worn out. Something as simple as putting your feet up and stroking your cat can relieve you immensely.

Various studies have credited the purring of a cat with helping to relieve emotional tension and stress. Now you know the secret, it is not just a  glass of wine or your favorite TV show alone, some feline goodness to get you going too.

Rodent free zone

This is one of the more obvious benefits of having a cat around. Just the smell of a cat has been known to send errant mice scampering into hiding.

The famous enmity between the cat and mouse will make sure that your home and surroundings are always mice free.

A friend

Cats have been unfairly painted as solitary and selfish animals that do not care much for humans. This view is held among people who have never felt the all redeeming love of a cat.

They can help you through painful moments of grief and provide the non-judgmental company you need to get back on your feet.

More friends

Nothing can start a conversation faster than a well groomed cat. You would find yourself meeting other people who want to find out about what you feed your cat, its peculiarities and general maintenance.

When the conversation is not cat related, being purr friendly can also be very attractive. A lot of people associate owning a cat with being caring and unafraid to express emotions.

With a little touch of feline luck on your side, you can be on your way to incredibly fruitful relationships.

More sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, chances are that you are sleeping alone. Curling up to sleep with a ball of catty goodness can help you have an undisturbed night rest.


Every pet wants to have some fun and cats even though more relaxed are no different. You constantly have to get busy and play with them.

Throwing a mouse toy around, might seem like nothing to you but it helps to get you off the couch. This means you are stretching your body parts and burning unnecessary calories.

What allergy?

Having a cat around the house helps to lower the risks of allergies and gives your immune system a much needed boost.

This is particularly important if you have young children as it helps to reduce risks of asthma alongside other allergies.


The ripple effect of cat ownership just never stops. It leaves you less stressed, happy and with lower chances of having a heart attack or stroke. Now that you know all these benefits, what’s your excuse?